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Hurry all on boaaard .

Prrr prrr goes the whistle. 

- A cheerful creative team
our team

- We use an awful lot of tools but we are not carpenters neither are we mechanics

 our story and our objectives

-Our primary tools are books but we are big on multimedia and blended learning

 our approach

- We are not a school although we have a beyond classroom curriculum

our curriculum that provides skills for leadership development

- We endeavour to make kids fall in love with reading, learning and leading because we know that readers are leaders

our strategy

- Unlike other publishers

our difference we partner with parents on this journey into the future

our vision

- Together we undertake the task of unleashing a child’s potential

our mission to deliberately on board children on the train to make them blessed and successful leaders. We believe that they would have fun adventure, mystery and excitement

oh how could you

our values

Did you miss anything?

Welcome on board the imagination train!


We are a curious bunch

but we aren't cats-

so follow your hunch,

click along to find out more

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