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Personalised Books

Light up your children's world with their own book, customised especially for them

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The Girls


I Love You range of books
Benefits of Personalised books

1. Builds self confidence & self esteem

2. Encourages reading

6. Brings excitement & joy

7. Helps children to cope with events & emotions

3. Develops language & comprehension

8. Developing good social & communication skills

4. Helps to improve names & spelling

9. Learning the difference between real & make-believe

5. Enhances creativity & fuels curiosity

10. It is a treasured keepsake




Order a personalised book

Want a book customised with your child's name and favourite colour?

Order in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:- Fill the form to your right!

Step 2:- Make the purchase order!

Step 3:- Make payment!


Personalized book 


Every Order coming with free delivery!

Every personalised book comes along with the following:


A donation of 10% (of the purchase price) goes to the Aanyedoo Foundation, to help kids of missionaries!

Packages Available

Package 1-GHS99

Digital Pack

This Package includes an e-book copy of the book, a PDF colouring book, certificate & Parents' guide.

Package 2- GHS 200

Midi Pack

This package includes a hardcopy of the personalised book, a chocolate pouch and a certificate.

Package 3-GHS 300

Mega Pack

This package includes a hardcopy of the personalised book, a colouring book, certificate, parents' guide & a goodies bag.

Download the free parents guide here...

Semi-personalised book...

The semi-personalised books of the "I love you" range of books, helps a mother to communicate love to their children!

Now, mums can purchase a book with their child's (Ghanaian) Day names! 

In Ghana, newborns are given special names depending on the day they are born! Here is a name guide to assist you!

                                  Male                  Female

Monday                 Kojo                  Adjoa

Tuesday                Kwabena             Abena

Wednesday             Kwaku               Akua

Thursday                  Yaw                 Yaa

          Friday                      Kofi                 Afia          

Saturday                Kwame              Ama

Sunday                   Kwesi               Esi



of each personalised book purchased goes to the

Aanyedoo Foundation!

Let's explore the book together...

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This book is a wonderful tool for bonding between a mother and her child. Especially in a culture where we haven’t been socialized to show affection, this is a breath of fresh air. 


I look forward to the cuddle time with my children and I hope every mother will take advantage of this unique experience to bond, reinforce their love for their child(ren) and ultimately boost the confidence of the next generation. 


Congrats to the author, Aunty Naa. This is a wonderful gift to our world.


Petra Aba Asamoah 

Marketing Practitioner & Author

  • Is it durable?
    Yes! The book has a beautiful, thick hard cover, special stitched book!
  • Why is it unique?
    First of its kind in Ghana. The books use African characters so it communicates a sense of belonging. Each personalised book comes with a dedication. This is a special message from a mum that conveys love.
  • What is a personalised book?
    A personalised book is a book customized with your child's name! It is one-of-a-kind; specially made for your children!
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